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logo chip says mama

This all does remind me of those classes for high school students that are supposed to teach them about the responsibility of caring for something fragile (read: baby)–so they carry around eggs for a week or so–everyone in Tech/Art/Sound is … Continue reading

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Another image…

Just wanted to post another picture of a wall installation–imagine proximity sensors that trigger sound sort of buried in the flowers–I don’t think they would be too obvious–of course, now that I’m learning more about what I can do, I’m … Continue reading

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It will be great when I can get the logochip to work on my computer–so far, the usb cable adapter is keeping me from ‘hooking up’–irritating! I especially want to get to work while I can still remember what we … Continue reading

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realistic ideas

Now that we’re really thinking how we might utilize the actual ShiftSpace floorplan, I’ve rethought what I’d like to do–or, actually, gone back to the piece I’ve wanted to do for more than two years. This time though, I think … Continue reading

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Puzzling how to do this…

Am I crazy or is this a real problem–I need to link to a word file but I don’t see how to get that on the blog without just copying the whole thing here–why can’t I just attach a file … Continue reading

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about Pd

John asks for at least one hint or trick related to Pd…hmmm…well, I did spend “a bunch of time trying to connect outlets in inlets instead of inlets to outlets”–in fact, I wished now that I had saved all the … Continue reading

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learning, learning, learning…

Hmmm…that was a big detail! So, one more picture:

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