Trained as a printmaker, Ann Resnick has engaged a broad range of materials and processes, from wood burning to digital signal processing, and uses that range to produce large-scale, thought-provoking, sui generis works. Beyond that however, Ann Resnick is a cultural advocate, and dedicates a large portion of her time each year to activities that advance the arts as a whole.

Alongside a 20-year history of exhibitions, she has operated Project gallery out of an abandoned warehouse in Wichita, Kansas, showcasing the work of artists from around the country as well as the work of local artists.

–M. Dwyer


You can contact her at: projectgallery@cox.net


7 Responses to About

  1. matt blackwell says:

    hey anne,
    those stencil/paintings are beautiful..i spend alota time staring at a perfect godess silhouette in my window box..its just the stem of a basil plant..i like the sutle layers in those prints really atmospheric..mowhack valley school?oh yeah that gallic word for tribute is PLANXTY.theres this blind irish composer[a contemory of bach ithink ] called ocarrolin [sp?]lots of of his songs are tributes…i think the chieftens did an album of his work …there increibly moving pieces.great seeing you andtalking about it all
    love and best to mr. mullins

  2. Dawn Latane says:

    Ann, I just looked at your websites for the flowers installation and “Safety First”; its all brilliant, beautiful work both in conception and in the making of. In fact, its some of the best work I see being done anywhere in the country right now. I recognize a thoughtful intelligence, a dry sense of humor and great technical craft done without a lot of egoistic fanfare. With art this strong, no fanfare is needed. I’ve always thought that art galleries and institutions have been blind to the great quality of your work; its just wonderful art. Love, Dawn you-know-who

  3. Steve Brooks says:


    Beautiful work. Delicate and understated.
    Say hello to Kevin for me.



  4. please sir says:

    Hello! I saw your work at the REGROWTH exhibit and was truly inspired. I hope you don’t mind, but I did a feature about your work on my site. You can check out the post here –


    The burnt paper series and flower wall were an amazing addition to the show. Your work is wonderful and I wanted to share! Good luck in your future creative endeavours.



  5. Hi Ann!!
    Someone told me through someone else to look you up and I just did…your work is so beautiful! And such a departure from the nude woodcut I just dug out of a box from the past that you gave me oh so many years ago. I am so happy for you… so much growth. I would love to see them in person. Oh. and I am using flowers too!

    Hello to Kevin from me too.

    All the best,

  6. Dear Ann

    Your work looks fabulous.

    “Miss you” (then and now)


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