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that didn’t work!

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trying to add a picture…

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So far, the coolest thing about Tech: Art/Sound class is getting almost instaneous feedback on ideas–since I often work in isolation, it’s a very new thing. Now, I have to practice giving feedback! Looking forward to tonight–I’m meeting Josh and … Continue reading

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A better idea…

Okay, this is something I’m currently working on that I’d like to take in a new direction for an exhibit in NYC this year–it’s called “Dead Dogs”–currently it’s a wall installation made from plastic flowers that depicts all the dogs … Continue reading

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you walk into the gallery, there’s a device that reads your pulse (something you slip over your finger, right?), the pulse triggers a drumbeat or other percussive instrument (how about a xylophone?), the sound triggers a drawing machine that makes … Continue reading

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a small idea

Here’s one small idea for a final project–motion sensors trigger ambient sound (just household sounds–in my case, barking dogs for one–but things like phones ringing, radio/tv sounds, foot fall, voices) as you traverse the exhibition space–randomly–causing minor dislocations for viewers–they … Continue reading

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art and technology

here’s a link to an exhibition in NY that sounds interesting–there’s a review of it in yesterday’s NY Times but I couldn’t find it online– click here

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Final Projects

Here are a few artists who work with varying degrees of technology: Erwin Redl Erwin Redl Jim Campbell Jim Campbell Olafur Eliason Olafur Eliason

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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