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secret garden sample

The wall will look like this (if you imagine this many times larger): In the upper left corner there’s a pink flower with a photosensor in the center–can’t see it, can you?

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project begins

Yesterday Josh and I got together and did a few of the mechanical chores necessary for this project (I should say Josh did the hard stuff)–recording more (and different) sounds on the chips, hiding the photosensors in flowers (I soldered … Continue reading

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a little frustration

So yesterday was just a little frustrating because the recordings we made weren’t as good as the first ones–owing probably to inferior chips. Josh and I are going to work on Sunday and see if we can’t make some real … Continue reading

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Kansas City reviews

art in KC

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another cool lab day…

It doesn’t take much to get me excited in the lab–because I am such a simpleton when it comes to technology, every little thing looks like a miracle! We (today that meant John and Muaz) recorded more bird songs on … Continue reading

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final project outline (begun)

Here is part one–Josh will do part two which will show a block diagram with parts info, etc. secret garden

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What we need…

to make our piece–now retitled “Secret Garden”–I’m just guessing now because my meeting with Josh and Muaz would have been during class time on Thursday–I’m truly bummed to remember that I won’t be here for it–need to make a quick … Continue reading

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