Josh’s code

Strangely, I can only get half of this on the blog–is there some place where I can change the text size? Well–go to Josh’s blog for the rest!

Here’s the code Josh wrote for Secret Garden:
global [val0 val1 val2 val3 val4 val5]

to powerup
Write portb-ddr $00 ;set all of portb as outputs

setval0 (read-ad 0) ;sets value of photoresistor to variable valX
print val0
wait 2
setval1 (read-ad 1)
print val1
wait 2
setval2 (read-ad 2)
print val2
wait 2
setval3 (read-ad 3)
print val3
wait 2
setval4 (read-ad 4)
print val4
wait 2

if (val0

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