just when you think…

it’s all figured out–today I started to think about the weight of the flowers on the foam and whether a 2″ x 4′ x 8′ sheet filled with flowers would have enough integrity to stand straight–the flowers will add considerable weight. I’m worried that the board will break (even if it bowed out it would be bad). I’m also really worried that I don’t have enough flowers to cover the whole space. So, several solutions suggest themselves–one is to build a support for the wall–that wouldn’t be too hard–just some 2 x 4’s. Another possibility–use the opposite wall–the one with the doorway–this might offer some interesting changes in the way a viewer experiences the piece. For one thing, you wouldn’t actually see the wall until you turned to leave the room–which seems cool to me. I’m guessing this way I would use at least one less sheet of foam. I think the sensors and lighting would work the same way as originally planned. Anyway, I’m going to think about this at least overnight. What does anyone else think?

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