where we are…

Let’s see–we’re having a few technological glitches–something to do with the amplification of the sound (I think)–Josh has this under control and I don’t expect it to be a problem. The programming of the chip seems relatively simple since Invisible Drum guys posted their code. So, what remains–I have to build the wall–I looked at the space again last night and I would guess that the wall will be approximately 8′ x 12′–so, 3 sheets of foam (@22.00/sheet) and thousands of flowers–I think I have enough flowers (hope I do)—I’m anxious to begin–and I guess I will start by unsoldering the flowers I had already prepared–the wires seem to be touching–I can solve this by either shrink wrapping the wires before I insert them into the flowers–or even easier, just separate the wires and stick them directly into the foam–I’ll think about that some more.

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