A better idea…

Okay, this is something I’m currently working on that I’d like to take in a new direction for an exhibit in NYC this year–it’s called “Dead Dogs”–currently it’s a wall installation made from plastic flowers that depicts all the dogs I’ve known, scale indicating how long they’ve been dead–(think of it as a memorial, but with more metaphorical overtones). Now, I’d like to see it with LED and sound–a wall-size LED display that would be programmed to depict these dogs at varying intervals,(maybe with some text also) and I think it would be cool if viewers could enter their own information about their own dead dogs and somewhere in the programming there would be images of other kinds of dogs, etc.. So, I just got off the phone with a local sign company who suggested that what I want might be 30-40,000 dollars–is there a way to do this economically? Like making a minature sign and enlarging it through projection–or something like that? And how do you think the sound element should work? I’ll be glad to hear your comments!

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  1. Morse says:

    This could be done through animation and then projected onto the flowers. I can’t remember the name of the animation program, but it’s made by Discreet.

    I don’t know about the interactive factor. There are so many technicalities involved that it might prove unmanagable. Maybe think about asking for stories of dead dogs and then select the most interesting ones. All in all I think it’s a great project.

    My father once told me that “fucker” is another word for Republican. Oh, did I get off topic here?

  2. Morse says:

    The software is called AutoDesk 3D Max. It can be found here.


  3. Morse says:

    lotech….(seems a bit scottish mi lady)

    I love the project plans for dead dogs. What about the audio component being taped interviews with people who have stories of their dead dogs? or is that too NPR? ( I don’t think so) As for the lights (LED) will they be threaded through the flowers? Is their a way to mix the low tech- hand made with something slicker? (I do have some stories about an ego- bloated Austrian I.R. which might just curl your hair! ) So don’t throw your handmade out for the appearance of something….more substantial because that appearance (from what I witnessed) is soooooo bogus you would run screaming from the room! That being said, I do so understand wanting to develop your own ways of working into forms that perhaps speak more directly. And it is great to farm things out when you can. I’m trying to figure out similar issues. I hope I haven’t overstepped, and I’d love to hear more of the progress of the piece. —-Ms Morse No Relation

    Morse here.

    Aye Lass, cain’t you fegure this craap out fer yerself? Why must ye bother thoose of us who toil the laand and sweeat at au brow for the meeger earnings ov a meesely thissle? Go to chuurch las, reepent yer sins. Theen come back to us an show us that yu’ve lerned the lessons of the saveur. And breeng a nice pinot weith ya.

    Useless wanker!!

  4. kansass says:

    what’s an Austrian I.R.?
    p.s. thanks for comments!

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